Joining the Team

Chromalloy is an Equal Opportunity Employer and practices diversity in our work force. At all Chromalloy locations around the world, we employ a work force of highly talented and motivated team members who are the core of the company's success — and future.
Meet The Team
    Shiraz S.
    Lab Supervisor

    “Over this short period of time I have gained enormous experience and confidence. Chromalloy has provided me with the opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.”

    Justin C.
    Repair Development Engineer

    “Chromalloy's overhaul and repair division has challenged me to develop skill sets that are adaptable to the industry's dynamic and evolving work environment.”

    Ingrid V.
    QA/ Manager OpEx

    “For me the best aspects of working for Chromalloy are, the people, the range of experiences you can have and the international dimension of the business.”

    Lisa J.
    Engineering Technician

    "I have grown as both a person and a worker. Working at Chromalloy has given me a lot of the tools I will need to continue to thrive in the company and grow as an engineer."

    Jared D.
    Customer Service Manager

    "I enjoy that I am given the opportunity to be involved with many different parts of our business. Chromalloy has given me the tools to advance my career and grow within the company."

    Loy W.
    Customer Sales & Support Representative

    "I have learnt a lot working at Chromalloy, the most important being communication skills, being proactive, solving problems, and anticipating requests."

    Ali Z.
    Quality Engineer

    "Working at Chromalloy I have learned how to adapt and apply myself to a variety of situations, managing and providing assistance on all Quality situations."

    Dave M.
    Design Engineer

    "The opportunity to work with the latest tools and technology at the Engineering Center of Excellence is awesome."

    Andrew S.
    Mechanical Engineer

    "It's a great chance for experience in advanced technology. It's a good-sized company, but not too large so you don't get lost in the shuffle."

    Eric Z.
    ELDP Engineer

    "My manager spends a good amount of time with me, and my projects are going well."

    Gary B.
    Engineering Manager

    "The people are great.  There is a lot of collaboration.  I also like the variety of the customer base and the opportunity to get involved in decisions outside my normal job.

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