Rochefort, France


LPT Blades and Vanes

Process Capabilities
  • Engineering
    Non destructive Testing (NDT)(FPI); Metallurgical Laboratory; Digital X ray, Airflow testing
  • Coatings
    Diffusive Coating (Gas Phase Aluminide)
  • Machining
    Milling (Horizontal 4-Axis, Vertical 4/5-Axis), Grinding (Creep Feed 3/5-Axis, Creep Feed Dual Wheel, Viper Grinding, CBN 5-Axis), EDM (Manual Plunge, CNC Plunge 3-Axis, Hole, Fast Hole, Wire Cutting), LBMR (Laser Drilling 6+Axis, Laser Cutting)
  • Joining Technology
    Welding (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding), Brazing (Acrylic Spray and Dry Powder, Brazing Paste, Brazing Slurry)

Quality Certifications

Other Certifications
Performance Review Institute (NADCAP)
127084 for Nonconventional Machining
125373 for Chemical Processing
124333 for Non Destructive Testing
General Manager

Contact Information
Rue Hubert Pennevert
ZI des Soeurs
Rochefort 17300
P: +33-5-46-82-13-00

Sq. Ft. 43,000
In operation since 1991

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