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Chromalloy’s advanced machining capabilities allow us to design and produce sophisticated gas turbine engine components.


Machining plays an integral role in the Chromalloy value chain. Our advanced machining capabilities allow us to design, manufacture and produce even the most sophisticated gas turbine engine components with utmost precision. Chromalloy partners with OEMs to machine parts that are the highest quality, ensuring fast turnaround times and scalable production schedules to meet the most aggressive mission and operation requirements.


Alex Dulewicz

Alex Dulewicz
Derbyshire, England
Phone: +44(0)7779 134931

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Jim Boutot

Jim Boutot
Manchester, Connecticut,
Phone: +1 860 593 0805
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Chad Seifert

Chad Seifert
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Phone: +1 602 723 2594
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Charlotte Vaksmann

Charlotte Vaksmann
New York, New York, USA
Phone: +1 845 499 8421

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