Chromalloy is trusted worldwide to provide commercial airlines and MRO providers with a wide range of innovative, high-technology repair options that can eliminate scrap, reduce costs and extend the life of high-valued engine components.

Chromalloy introduces LifeX, our new brand of custom aftermarket solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership of gas turbine engines.

LifeX - Adding life to you engine.

LifeX repairs bring worn and damaged parts to "like new" condition. With LifeX, we help our customers meet financial targets and improve the residual value of gas turbine engines.

LifeX new parts development can solve real cost and availability challenges our customers face in the gas turbine parts market. Customers who are willing to make real, material commitments, and turn ideas into viable, long-term programs partner with Chromalloy.


- PW200
- T76 (TPE331)

Heavy Aircraft
- CF6-50
- TF39 (CF6-6)
- CF6-80
- F108 (CFM56-2)
- F117 (PW2040)
- F139 (PW4000)
- JT3D (TF33)

Fighter Jets
- F404 (RM12)
- TFE731

Maritime Engines
- LM2500
- LM1600
- LM2500+
- LM5000
- LM6000

Fighting Vehicles

- AGT 1500


Sam Malone

Sam Malone
Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA
Phone: +1 405 613 7056
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Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson
Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA
Phone: +1 405 708 8020
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