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Chromalloy has invested millions of dollars in the research and development of proprietary repair processes.


The output of the Chromalloy value chain is what is most important – your parts. Over the years, Chromalloy has invested millions of dollars in the research and development of technological advancements and patented and proprietary repair processes that enable us to extend the life of gas turbine engine parts, and significantly reduce operating expense in a way that no other company can. Each piece of our value chain contributes to our identity as an integrated solutions provider for commercial aviation operators. Although we operate out of numerous facilities across the globe, partnering with us means you are part of One Chromalloy – which means you can expect the same high level of service, quality and reliability across all our units.


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Repairs Video
Watch a video that documents the technologically advanced repairs process at Chromalloy.

Safety Video
Watch a video on the safety and control processes in place at Chromalloy.

Supported Components

Our engine components are found in most major aircraft worldwide, and are located in the heart of the engine: the fan, compressor, combustor and turbine.

Our supported engine components are located in the heart of the engine: the fan, compressor, combustor and turbine.

Air Inlet Section
Fan and Booster Components • Bearings and Support Assemblies • Fan Frame and Cases

Compressor Section
Compressor Rotor, Blades, Stator Vanes • Compressor Cases • Compressor Shrouds, Seals

Combustion Section
Combustion and Diffuser Cases • Combustion Chamber Assembly

Turbine Section
HPT Rotor, Blades, Vanes • HPT Cases and Supports • HPT Shrouds • LPT Rotor, Blades, Vanes • LPT Cases and Supports • LPT Shrouds • Turbine Frame Assembly • Rotating and Stationary Seals

Capabilities Overview

For more than six decades, Chromalloy has analyzed and repaired thousands of engines across a variety of industries. This has enabled us to develop unprecedented repairs that reduce costs and extend engine life.

Chromalloy provides inspection capabilities, preparation capabilities and repair capabilities.

Inspection Capabilities
- Coordinate Measuring Machine
- Eddy Current Inspection
- Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
- Full Engineering Analysis
- Metallurgical Analysis
- Optical Contour Inspection
- Radiographic Inspection
- Ultrasonic Inspection
- X-ray Inspection

Preparation Capabilities
- Chemical Stripping/Cleaning
- Degreasing
- Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning
- Water Jet Stripping & Cutting

Repair Capabilities
- Electron Beam Welding and Automatic TIG Welding
- CNC Milling, Turning and Grinding
- Jig Boring and Grinding
- Coatings: Robotic HVOF, Plasma and Wire Arc
- Heat Treat and Thermal Processing
- Vacuum Furnace Brazing
- Steel Shot Peening
- Balancing
- Corrosion Resistant Painting
- 5-axis Laser Machining/Welding
- Blending
- Chemical Plating
- CBN Abrasive Tip Grinding
- Electro Chemical Grinding
- Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
- Glass Bead Peening
- Grit Blast
- Honeycomb Sealing & Replacing
- Induction Brazing
- Laser Cutting, Drilling & Shaping
- Laser Powder Welding
- Vibro Super Polishing

KC-10 Extender Program

Chromalloy functions as the Engine Program Manager under Northrop Grumman (CLS) for the KC-10 Extender Program. The depot is managed by MTU Aero Engines and the parts repair duties are shared by Chromalloy and MTU.

Program Highlights:

- First-ever blanket approval of FAA-approved parts and repairs

- 90+ engines produced in the first 24 months

- Now averaging 62 days TAT vs. contract agreement of 75 days (includes return transportation)

- Uncompromised Program Quality: EGTm average of 30.1°C vs. contract requirement of 20°C

Benefits to the U.S. Air Force:

- Over $1M saved per engine

- USAF predicts fuel savings of $14M over five years based on current performance

- Increase time-on-wing and reduced field-level maintenance

MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Chromalloy provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services on an as-needed basis.

While Chromalloy does not specialize in MRO, we are capable of providing these services to customers as needed. By incorporating the latest technology in coatings, repairs and manufacturing into our MRO services, Chromalloy adds value to components, extends the time between overhauls and expedites turnaround.

Chromalloy provides MRO services primarily through our location in San Diego, California. In this facility, we currently provide MRO services to owners of Pratt & Whitney JT8D and JT9D engines.

Small Business

Chromalloy is committed to the support and utilization of small businesses, offering unlimited opportunity for small businesses to participate in the procurement system.

We strive to offer an inclusive environment in which to do business, which is reflective of our company's values and commitment to the customers we serve and communities in which we operate.

We are dedicated to expanding supplier opportunities for all categories of small business concerns, including small disadvantaged business, women-owned small business, veteran owned business, service disabled veteran owned business, historical black colleges and universities, and minority institutions.

Chromalloy Small Business Contact dteel@chromalloy.com

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